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Monday, February 14, 2011

"Tangled" Up in Birthday Fun

So my Kaylee bug turns 4 years old this week.  I can’t believe how fast the years are flying by.  We celebrated her birthday on Saturday with a Tangled party!  Tangled is the most recent Disney Princess movie.  And it’s all things princess here at our house.  We took Kaylee to see Tangled a few months ago and she has talked about Rapunzel ever since.  So when I asked her what she wanted to do for her birthday, she immediately said “Rapunzel party, please!”  So, with that said, I set out to plan a fabulous party for my own princess!

I had fun planning this party.  I started weeks ago...decided on the kind of cake I was going to make, ordered decorations, and began looking up fun things to do at the party.

To start our morning, Kaylee got to open her first birthday gift from Nana and Bumpa...a beautiful Rapunzel dress with matching headband and purse.  She was so excited to wear this to her party.  She had told all her friends to dress up as their favorite princess.  When I asked what she was going to wear, she informed me that since she didn’t have a Rapnuzel dress she would just wear her Snow White dress...so she was one happy princess after opening her new dress!

As the guest trickled in, the kids got to color some fun Tangled coloring pages.  Once all Kaylee’s friends had arrived, we played “Pin the Frying Pan on Flynn Rider.”  Thanks to Ryan and a co-worker of his, we were able to have a rather large Flynn Rider poster for the game!  The kids enjoyed it and Kaylee even pinned the pan right on the top of Flynn’s head...hmmm...”can you see through the blindfold?”
For craft time, we made Pascal party blowers.  Pascal is Rapunzel’s chameleon friend and I found this idea from the disney family website.  I thought they were really cute and the kids seemed to really enjoy ‘em.
I found some really neat ideas for food for the party from another blog.  Instead of pizza (the easiest food to have at a kids birthday), I decided to make Hazelnut Soup, which supposedly is Rapunzel’s favorite.  Well, due to limited resources here, I was unable to find all the ingredients for my Hazelnut soup and decided to make potato soup instead.  They look very similar.  It turned out pretty good and it was nice to have a bowl of soup on a cold day in February.  Along with the soup I made bread and had blueberries, strawberries, grapes, veggies, crackers, and cheese!  My favorite though was the jello cups!  In one scene of the movie Tangled, Rapunzel and “Eugene” are sitting in a boat watching the floating lanterns...so on top of the blue jello were orange slices to look like a boat!  It was so cute, but I can’t take credit for it...I found the idea online.  Unfortunately, when I went grocery shopping, the commissary did not have “berry blue” jello!  I should’ve known...I was so upset...then I remembered a friend who was home in the states and asked her to bring me some!  I was so glad to have the jello, because the jello cups turned out so cute!  And the kids loved them!
Afterwards we sang “Happy Birthday” and had cake and cupcakes.  This year I made Kaylee a Rapunzel doll cake with fondant icing on top.  Since fondant doesn’t usually taste the greatest, I also made cupcakes!  I made strawberry cake with vanilla icing cupcakes adorned with purple, green, and yellow sprinkles.  The cake was much more of a challenge, but I enjoyed making this one.  The fondant was fun to use.  I actually tried to make home-made fondant, because I read that it taste better.  Well, once I started working with it and trying to put it on the cake, it was too thin and my fingers were going right through.  So I decided to use the ready made fondant by Wilton.  I think that this was a good choice.  I love how smooth it looks.  I’m really pleased with how it turned out...of course I see my mistakes or some imperfections, but overall I was happy with it...AND Kaylee LOVED it...which is all that matters!  She actually wanted to eat the doll cake instead of the cupcake (which surprised me a little), but she gobbled it right up INCLUDING the fondant icing!  She said it was yummy!
So my princess had a wonderful Rapunzel birthday party.  We finished the afternoon with presents and passing out gooding bags.  Kaylee received a few Rapunzel toys, several books, art supplies, and an apron with cookbooks from mommy!  Her goody bags turned out cute too.  I found Rapunzel cups for the girls and filled them with a hairbrush, hair clip, stickers, and candy.  The two boys that attended received an inflatable sword, stickers, and candy.  I had ordered necklaces and bracelets for the girls as well along with the actual bags to put the goodies in, but they did not make it here in time for the party...so frustrating!  So I decided (at the last minute) to use brown paper bags and we called the satchels...like in the movie! 

We had such a fun time!  Kids birthday parties are A LOT of work, but so worth it when you see your little princess enjoying every minute of it!  Happy 4th Birthday Kaylee!  We love you so much and thank God everyday for you!  You will always be our little princess!

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